TuffBaby’s Hair Oil


This lightweight oil formulation adds shine, eliminates frizz, itching and dandruff.

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How To Use: Apply TuffBaby’s Hair Growth Oil directly to the scalp once a day to promote healthy, strong thick hair.

For Beard Use: Apply 2-3 drops in hand and massage throughout beard.


  1. Traci Johnson

    I have been using this hair oil for about 6 weeks and it is THE BOMB! My hair is much thicker and growing. I had very thin hair in the crown of my head that has fully thickened up with use of this product. I HIGHLY recommend it! 💙

  2. Reginald Walker

    Wow this is amazing oil for my beard! The search is over I am hooked, it’s not oily like most oils n I have seen growth in my beard!

  3. Linda

    Love this product! Not only is the presentation flawless the results are even better. I started using this on my baby’s hair due to cradle cap and it was gone within a week. I still use it and it helps not only moisturize but her hair is so full and healthy!

  4. Morgan

    I love this product, my scalp feels better, no dandruff, and no itching with my braids. My hair has also grew out fuller within a month.

  5. Morgan

    I love this product, my scalp feels better, no dandruff, and no itching with my braids. My hair has also grew out fuller within a month. It’s definitely worth it.

  6. Stefani B.

    GROW HAIR GROW—Hands down, this product has brought life back to my hair! After pregnancy, my hair started to shed drastically. I’m so grateful for this product, and the rate in which my hair is growing back. I don’t leave a lot of reviews, but I would be remiss if I did not rave about this awesome product!! Kudos Vanna to a job well done!!

    Stefani W. Barton, Esq.

  7. Nikki K.

    Not a piece of dandruff in sight! While using this product with my braids, I didn’t develop any dandruff, my scalp continued to feel amazing, my edges didn’t suffer and it didn’t leave a heavy oily feeling in my hair! 100% fan of this product, it will be apart of my regular maintenance moving forward!

  8. Princess

    All I can say is TuffBaby’s is a game changer when it come to dry scalp. I have suffered for YEARS with dry scalp and TuffBaby’s is my consistent solution!! I also use it on my clients and they LOVE IT! I am forever a customer!!

  9. Dowanna Cooper

    I have been using this oil for 2 years and it definitely has helped my hair to grow. It was so broken at first they it had to cut very short but today it touches my shoulders. It soothes my scalp everytime I get braids – I love it!

  10. Deandrea G (verified owner)

    Love the smell, refreshing to my scalp with a soothing sensation.

  11. Jazlon m.

    this oil has made my hair grow sooo much and stimulates my hair in the best way if you’re thinking about buying don’t think JUST DO IT!!!!

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