Hello, I'm Vanna!

I’m a mom, Leo, Braid Stylist, Yogi, Philanthropist, and full-on lover of life! For many stylists – both the business and the pleasure are in doing hair and then scheduling the next appointment but for me, a Dallas native, my styling seat is only the beginning of a holistic approach to healing.

In over 20 years, I have yet to meet a client I didn’t want to assist in ways beyond hair. It starts in my chair, but quickly leads to sharing tools for achieving mindful living, self love and self care. My ultimate mission is to share the correlation of the Mind, Body & Spirit and how to successfully combine the three for a total body and life experience.

A natural and holistic lifestyle hasn’t always been second nature for me. In fact, arriving at such a peaceful point has been a long time coming. Traveling the world and experiencing islands like Antigua, Barbados and Greece inspired me to practice a more natural approach to life and yoga more often. This lead me to become a certified yoga instructor and reiki practitioner.

On the journey to pure living, I created TuffBaby’s Organic Essentials. It’s an organic product line that boasts hair growth products, herbs, household sprays, essentials oil blends, apparel and more.

Here at VannaCollins.com, delve into my world of yoga, holistic health and LOVE! Book your pain free braids appointment, learn new breathing techniques or simply shop TuffBaby’s Organic Essentials for your natural needs!