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Hi! I'm Vanna!

I’m a Mom, Leo, Yogi, Braid Stylist, Philanthropist and full on lover of life! I’m obsessed with learning new things, traveling, cultures, new adventures, interesting convos and loving on my loved ones!



What inspired VannaCollins.com?


Well, as stated above I LOVE adventures and I would always find myself taking part in something new! I would always get asked about my adventures, what I’d learn, who was there so and so on so hear we are!


VannaCollins.com was created for me to share my adventures and new finds with you all as well as inspiring you to healthier habits of self love! I know at times it may be hard to balance having a social life, work, parenting all while being mindful and as positive as possible on a daily! But together we shall make it through!














How did I get into Yoga?


Well, I’ve always been physically active thanks to my pops but in college I was forced to take a pilates class. I enjoyed it but I fell in love with the spirituality of yoga. What it does for the mind, body + soul. So much so that I began actively taking a few classes a week and even went into teaching!



Why read VannaCollins.com?


I hope this little space on the net becomes your positive internet haven. Here I will share with you what I’ve learned, tips and tricks on living a mindful yet balanced life full of adventure!


Peace + Light