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Forest Whitaker, Pharrell Williams & Diddy Have A "DOPE" Hit With This Film!

June 19, 2015

Malcolm (Shameik Moore) plans to attend Harvard but between juggling college applications, academic interviews and SATs he finds himself in uncharted territory. Jib (Tony Revolori) and Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) are his friends. The three geeks are high school seniors who love music and apparel from the 90s. Once given the opportunity to fit in with the “cool” kids they take a chance and attend an underground party that leaves them in a pretty foul predicament. Will this group of kids overcome or will they succumb to living their lives as “dope dealers”?


DOPE is the new era Woods (1999) circa 2015. Hollywood heavy hitters Producer Forest Whitaker and Executive Producer Pharrell Williams along with Diddy of Revolt Films are just a few names involved in this much needed production that is funny, real and engaging.

Now let’s talk about how surprised I was with the acting! EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) acted their ass off! Shameik Moore was born for the screen! Zoe Kravitz- well I mean, that girl is pretty and has never disappointed me onscreen. Supermodel Chanel Iman played the hell out of “Lily”, Quincy Brown well I’ll be darn, who knew he had it in him? Job well done to everyone involved!


I absolutely loved this film! With everything that is going on in this world this movie couldn’t have come at a better time. It shows that it’s ok to be different and to have goals no matter what walk of life you are from. (There is a deeper message in this film- I won’t spoil it for you)


DOPE releases Friday June 19th so call your friends, make it a movie date and be ready to relive the 90s!

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