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Beili Liu's "One and Another" at The Crow Museum

Updated: Feb 17

Beili Liu is a first generation immigrant from China, a professor of Art at The University of Texas at Austin AND an award winning visual artist who now has a new installment at the Crow Museum of Asian Art of The University of Texas at Dallas through the Texas Asians Women’s Artist Series. Her works has touched hearts of many fans across the Unites States, Asia and Europe.

The Texas Asian Women Artists Series is the museums recent historical series that will be featured over the next three years with a focus on Asian cultural traditions of voices from women of Texas. Beili Liu: One and Another is the inaugural exhibition and the first major series that the Crow Museum debuts as a university-affiliated museum.

Beili Lui exhibit “One and Another” features two profound works of art; Lure: an inspiration from the ancient Chinese legend of "The Red Thread" which states that when children are born, invisible red threads connect them to their soul mates and throughout the years of life they come closer and find on another, overcoming social divides/physical distances. INTERESTING… can you believe the coils of thread took over 6 months to complete?!?! What such patience with detail! Lui's other installation "Each and Every” inspired by the Xinjiang Policy of 2018 is a large performance project featuring hundreds of children's clothing, (some belonging to her own daughter) that have been preserved by a light layer of cement with thousands of lines of thread hanging from the ceiling that reach the clothes but are not connected (read that again) and this work of art took about 8 months to produce.

Beili Liu Dallas

There’s a sense of "airiness, change and transformation” walking through the Crow Museum of Asian Art and coming into contact with "One and Another”- its intense! You fill a deep connection from each piece as the artist describes her thought processes and inspiration behind each work during the private tour that took 4.5 days to install.

Beili Liu: One and Another will be available for viewing at The Crow Museums of Asian Art until August 16th. On March 12th from 6pm-8pm Lui will return to  perform a live piece in silience and meditation in honor of the victims of the Xinjiang Policy of 2018 where children were separated from their families.

The Crow Museum of Asian Art

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