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Manifest 2020! ELEMENTAL: A Vision Board Workshop

Ever feel lost when building your dreams? Ever feel that you’re not as motivated? Ever wonder why the law of attraction isn’t attracted to you? I wondered for years and it wasn’t until I created my first vision board that I saw an abundance of my dreams manifest!

In 2014 I had heard all the rave about vision boards and decided to create my own. I cut and posted photos of places I’d like to travel, art work, fitness, businesses I wanted to own and so on and so forth. The key is to place the vision board where you’ll view it daily, therefore when you awake and see your thoughts and ideas everyday you’ll most likely work towards fulfilling them. I did that and by the end of the year half of the things I wanted to come into fruition had done so. I’d traveled to New York twice, I’d finally received my 501c3 for my non profit I had wanted to start for years!

The Law of Attraction states that positive or negative thoughts and ideas create positive or negative experiences.

What I’ve learned over the years is that it also takes the mind, body and spirit working together to achieve your personal goals!

With that being said join me at ELEMENTAL: A Vision Board Workshop! On January 12th, from 2-5pm an expert panel will come and share insight on achieving success and manifesting 2020! The day will begin with a deluxe brunch while mixing and mingling. Our VIP guests will partake in their perks and you’ll be able to shop one of a kind pieces at The Fashion Den!

I’ll be hosting and sharing on the “Spirit”, how clean and authentic you should be when envisioning. Leah Frazier, founder of Think Three Media will be sharing her professional advice on the “Mind” and how to truly focus to visualize your dreams. Olivia Ibezim, founder of W. O. W (Workout Olivia’s Ways) will share pointers on keeping the “Body" healthy and strong when building your vision and Walter Musgrove, lawyer and NBA/NFL agent of the Musgrove Law Firm will explain how all three parts (Mind, Body and Spirit) MUST correlate to complete the vision!

This years them is “MANIFEST 2020!” ELEMENTAL: A Vision Board Workshop is a great place to start when authenticating the LIFE YOU WANT!

General and VIP admission tickets are available here

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