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New Find:: Crystal Elixir + Herbal Crystal Soap Bar From Ahimsa Boutique!!

Each day I’m learning and taking in new approaches for my “holistic” journey which takes me within different realms of finding natural products. I can’t seem to have enough! I’ve come to LOVE Ahimsa Boutique! A specialty shop that features handmade crystal jewelry, soy charka candles, soaps and much more.

I’ve noticed that natural scents like lavender, peppermint and cedar wood soothe my soul..whether I’m feeling anxious, stressed or gloomy the scents connect to my brain and instantly uplift my spirit so its very obvious that the Crystal Elixir Sprays & Zen Queen Soap were the best choice for me!

I know many of you are like huh??? Crystal Elixir? Naturalista Soap? Crystal Elixirs are created to enhance your energy field with high vibrational crystal energy and scents from pure essential oils and can be used in a MULTITUDE of ways. As a body spray, yoga mat spray, air freshener and pillow mist! How wonderful is that? 1 spray used 4 different ways?!?! I personally use the elixir more so for my yoga mat and pillow mist which relaxes my sensory overload when I need to calm. The Crystal Elixir comes in 4 variations: Truth, Spiritual Grounding, Calm and Protection.

"Zen Queen Soaps" herbal crystal soap bars are created with healing essential oils, gemstone crystals, natural moisturizing and ancient herbal blends. The great addition is a nice gemstone gifted inside the soap. YEP! So once you cleanse and bathe in goddess healing ingredients, there’s a stone for meditation pleasures! The soaps have antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties that help fight skin infections as well as soothe irritation and reduce inflammation.

Ahimsa Boutique has been tabbed in my Favorites section. Take a look for yourself and find some great goods to uplift your journey in LIFE!

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