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New Documentary "Whitney" Takes You Into Uncharted Accounts of Whitney Houston

WHITNEY HOUSTON- one of the greatest, grandest voices known across the world! Her death in 2012 stunned society globally. Following the demise of "Americas Sweetheart” were speculations and tabloid stories diving into her personal battles with relationships and drugs subsequently leading to many fictional documentaries and films.

I remember falling in love with Whitney Houston’s voice at about 7 years old. My cousin Melvin was in the military service and came to visit. With him he brought a VHS tape (yes, I’m that old) of Whitney performing a live concert special titled “Welcome Home Heroes with Whitney Houston". I watched that booger about 40 times in his short stay! I fell in love with her voice, her bright apparel, her super white straight teeth and beautiful smile! From then on I realized how much music touched my soul and influenced my mood.

On Friday, July 6th WHITNEY hits theaters and will leave you speechless. Oscar- winning filmmaker Kevin MacDonald uses never before seen archival footage, exclusive demo recordings, rare performances and audio archives to give you an in depth account of Whitney Houston. Throughout the documentary you will witness real and raw details from those closest to her like her mother Sissy Houston, ex husband Bobby Brown, music industry executive Clive Davis and singer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds who give detailed accounts of the struggles the superstar endured resulting from traumatic events in her childhood that ultimately led to an “unhealthy" Whitney.

Go intimately inside the world of the woman who broke more industry records that any other female performer in music this weekend! A list of theaters playing the documentary and tickets are available online at here.

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