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Peaceful Vibes With Zymbol Jewelry

If you know me, the smallest of things trigger my curiosity. So when Zymbol reached out to collaborate I was of course…. curious. What is a Zymbol? What's its purpose? What's its meaning? I try to ask myself these questions before getting involved with ANYTHING as I now move in a purposeful, meaningful life and every ounce of my energy is considered these days. When I first saw the design I instantly thought “PEACE”, one of my favorite words/symbols. Peace of mind, peace instead of war and just being peaceful is something I always encourage. Peace of mind is so vital for daily growth and an essential part of developing healthy minds. Peace instead of war….well some people get a thrill with disputing your thoughts, processes and will challenge your growth. This is a type of mental war and when you practice peace you learn not to let these individuals even hold 10 seconds of your energy. Just being peaceful? Well, keeping a great smile and an aura of confidence and exuding all LOVE.

After reading more into the company I fell in love with the concept and was drawn in by the creation. Founder Sally Short was doodling the phrase “Love Is All You Need" stacking each letter on top of the next and topping it off with the peace sign. After sending that off for pendant creation here children noticed the letter “K” within the pendant. Then went on to find what other letters could be found "accidentally” creating ZYMBOL. A line of inspirational jewelry- one design, one symbol that contains all letters of the alphabet and every number.

My Zymbol Turquoise Wrap Bracelet context changes depending on my daily mantra, daily intentions or daily affirmations that I may need. What other piece of jewelry do you have that can do this?!?!

Zymbol is a reminder that one symbol can be used to create a multitude of meanings. A great item to gift family and friends who love to create, are in need of daily inspo or just love meaningful jewelry. Each ZYMBOL is paired with a gift card where you can trace out what your Zymbol represents by message.

I remember shooting these photos and saying one of these three words to myself “peace” “earth” “nature” every time I looked at my Zymbol piece. Its what I needed in that moment and that time.

For more information on the Texas based company who has been featured across many networks like QVC, CBS and FOX head over to Zymbol.net

Photo: Michael Tilley

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