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A Reality Check With Vanna: Mind, Body, Soul

With restructuring in life we sometimes lose focus on self care. Lately I’ve been super focused on creating a better life for myself and my children while building an empire that I stretch myself thin and low at times. I’ve been pushing and pushing this little ole body even when I know I shouldn’t- I tell myself “You can keep going, you’ve got this girl". Until I had a reality check. Yup- my body shut down. I fainted. I became extremely dizzy, hot and fainted. Dehydration and Fatigue was the cause. I do the best I can to remain conscious on my food and water intake but the last few weeks I’ve been slacking and my body showed me who was boss. The older I get the more I realize that I MUST treat myself with the BEST care! I’m really honing in and focusing on what I feed myself. Mind, Body, Soul.


I try not to speak negative or have negative thoughts. When I catch myself in negative interactions I try to turn it into a positive… a positive thought or phrase. I’ve learned how to be intentional with my daily thoughts and words. Not to feel pressured to do anything, anxious or rushed and learning to say NO. No without explanation unless I feel its necessary for one and that usually depends on the relationship or topic.


I’m super cautious of what I feed my body. For some reason after relishing in fresh foods whilst in Greece last summer I’ve realized that I just can’t process some of our foods here in America. I try to have at least one vegetarian meal a day (usually breakfast) and focus on fresher eats, unprocessed foods, waters, juices or smoothies for lunch dinner and snacks.


This correlates with the mind… I’ve deleted social media accounts that serve no real purpose for me. And by purpose I mean doesn’t motivate me to become a better me. I don’t subscribe to gossip sites/pages. Instead I replaced them with accounts that share healthy food, exercise, travels and just spreading love and peace. I’ve also unsubscribed to individuals of the same.

I’m sharing this in hopes to encourage you to listen to your body. When you need rest- REST. Drink plenty of water and eat your fruits + veggies. I’ve always said life is too short and can be taken within a wink of the eye. Live your best life as HEALTHY as you can!

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