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Dallas Life Hack: Carters Car Care Brings Luxury Detailing To You!

I LOVE sharing finds that make life easier! I often feel at times there’s just not enough time in the day to take care of auto needs and if you’re anything like me you just avoid them all together. Car washes, interior cleanings, ANY type of mechanical work is just bad for my health. Ha! Recently I was introduced to Anthony Brown Jr., owner of Carters Car Care- a MOBILE car detailer and mechanic enterprise. Its like the angels sang in my ears when I shook his hand and he shared his venture. After listening to all the services he offered and his passion when describing the detail that goes into each vehicle let me know I could entrust Juicy (yes, that’s what my daughter decided to name my car) in his care. Going on and on about his works I was intrigued and most definitely gained a new found respect for his craft.

Brown, who is a Dallas native has over 15 years of experience in car care. His “attachment" for automobiles dates back to his childhood he describes. “I’ve always loved the sight of clean vehicles and also enjoyed working on them. Seeing a clients face after I complete my job is amazing to me. Instant gratification is gained when a clients face says “WOW” after knowing the work has been done with my two bare hands.” A huge misconception he runs into often is that people feel their cars can look showroom floor ready in a few hours. "This takes days to achieve" Brown says, You’ll need paint corrections, waxing, coating, sealants, clay bars and etc, which can be achieved but may get costly."

Carters Car Care is licensed and insured with a growing list of clients ranging from NFL Players, musical executives, corporate fleets, law enforcement and everyday Joe’s and Jane's like you and I. He can handle up to 30 vehicles in a day so no job is to large or to small. Basic (hand wash & dry) to elaborate (paint corrections, waxing) to mechanical (axle replacements, radiator replacement) packages and services are available. What’s best about this is that these services come to YOU! Your home or your workplace and I mean who wouldn’t take advantage of this?!?!

Connect with Carters Car Care www.CarterCarCare.com to schedule a luxurious experience for your car, boat, motorcycle, RV, Jet Skis or Plane


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