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'The Color Purple' Arrives From Broadway Starring Dallas Native Adrianna Hicks!

Tony Award-Winning Broadway Revival The Color Purple is nothing short of astounding! Based on Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel and motion picture, "The Color Purple” takes place in Georgia between 1909 and 1949. It follows the dramatic journey of a young woman named Celie through a life of pain, sadness, love and triumph.

The revival hosts original characters from the classic film who bring originality to the stage as well. Dallas’ own Adrianna Hicks voice delivers a powerfully solid performance as Celie who struggles with living a life without her sister. Carla R. Stewart is Shug Avery, a sexy woman who brings her voluptuous and seductive gears to the stage with booming tones. Carrie Compere steals the show as Sofia- a woman with a larger than life personality that “don’t take no mess”! Her immense personality is unmatched and brings comedic relief during the production. Gavin Gregory personates the brutal Mister with dramatics that stops your breath during moments of terror. N’Jameh Camara recounts Celie’s sister Nettie so effortlessly you swoon over her performance each scene. J. Daughtry embodies Harpo with amusing mannerisms and witty remarks that are accurately projected onstage. Each actor portrays their role with such strength you sense every notion and motion!

The Color Purple is now one of my ALL TIME favorite musicals! The costumes, the music, the raunchiness and the overall production is magnificently designed on stage! There is no preparation that you can take to witness these electrifying performances! I suggest you head to DallasSummerMusicals.org for tickets starting at only $20!

The Color Purple shows at The Music Hall at Fair Park until February 4th.

Photos: Matthew Murphy

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