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A Healthier Me (& You) with Jamba Juice!

I’m super thankful for Jamba Juice inviting me to their newest location inside the Frisco Dr. Pepper Star Center to experience the new Victory Greens Smoothie!

As the official training facility of the Dallas Stars, this location offers premium smoothies, a full catering menu featuring bowl bars, juices and Smoothie Packs.

In my post last week I shared that this year I’m rebuilding and with that comes an intense focus on making healthier eating selections. Whew! Just typing that was difficult!

However, I noticed that when I make healthier eating selections my body responds with great appreciation! As a full time entrepreneur and mother that’s always on the go, it’s VERY difficult to stay on course and find a HEALTHY fix!

Now- let me be honest. I am not one of those gals thats so gung ho over trying new things…. especially “green smoothies”. However I went in with an unprejudiced palate. The Official Smoothie of the Dallas Stars is a combo of peach juice, pumpkin seeds (blah), kale (gross), mango and peaches. Its packed with:

  • Protein to support cell structure and regulate normal body processes

  • Vitamin K and Phosphorus to promote and support bone health

  • Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system and aid in iron absorption

  • Magnesium to help maintain bone structure and regulation of blood pressure

  • Iron to support oxygen transfer through the blood

The Victory Greens smoothie was delightful! Definitely pleasant to taste more fruit vs vegetables but thick enough to fulfill any cravings. Now- you can miss me with the pumpkin seeds and kale but I’m ALL for the proteins and vitamins in this bad boy. If you’re connected with me on SnapChat then you got a LIVE view of my first taste. I wouldn’t change anything in the Victory Greens smoothie!

I challenge each of you to try and replace an unhealthy food with a Victory Greens smoothie available at all DFW locations. And to show you just how much I want you to thrive, I’ll meet you there and its on me! #JambaJuiceDate

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