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The Pin Show: Dallas' Most Innovative Runway Event

Dallas most innovative fashion show of the year “The Pin Show” was created as a platform for independent designers to showcase their apparel to marketers, boutiques and fashion influencers around the city. In its 10 years of existence, The Pin Show has grown to be Dallas’ most anticipated fashion event that brings out any and everyone in Dallas and surrounding areas who love fashion like published fashion stylists Courtney Walker, Boutique owner Denise Manoy of Indigo 1745, Fashion Influencers Christian Craven and more! Its like NYFW for Dallas!

Each year I’m impresseed with the precision that goes into the show. Julie McCullough and her team present an everlasting moment of fashion Atlantis within an hour of show time. The energy given during each show is intensified with musical performances by hip-hop Prima Donna- Sam Lao, maverick Blue, The Misfit, one of my personal all time favs PICNICTYME (who’s fine as wine) and Ronnie Heart, who will steal your heart with his dancing!

Here’s a look inside The Pin Show featuring my favs:

Ujaibo Akid- Soft, subtle pieces of mesh blouses, suede shorts and flower power. The Nigerian born UNT grad has a mission to encourage education in her country Nigeria by donating a portion of the proceeds from her sales to pay for a child's education. (Photo Credit: Chet Tucker)

Brim- I’m a HUGE hat lover so there’s no surprise that designer LoLo has gained a new consumer. Her collection is described as a “well traveled outlaw” with “detail" shall I add. The collection is perfect for anyone who can appreciate detail, spice and of course millinery. (Photo Credit: Paxton Maroney)

JChen- UNT grad Jiani Chen featured a collection of hip, black and white clothing with meaning- literally. Decked with wordings like “Always Calm Down “ the fresh new garbs def got “yes” nods from the crowd. (Photo Credit: Tyler Brown)

Folksie- Modest yet flattering pieces made to order in Oak Cliff with special knits and just enough detail for the minimalist. (Photo Credit: Chet Tucker)

Silk Threads- Traditional Indian attire adorned in custom patterns and vibrant colors that flow perfectly without flaw. (Photo Credit: Chet Tucker)

IndiasPopUp.com- A line of luxurious, elaborate garments that you can catch on celebrities like J. Lo and Lady GaGa. An up close and personal look at red carpet attire that dazzled as it hit the runway. From Indian traditional wear to sculptured gowns the crowd was submerged with the beauty. (Photo Credit: Chet Tucker)

The date for 2018 is set for Feb 17th so come ready to be taken away into fashion fantasia. Stay connected, head to ThePinShow.com

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