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What Men Really Think & Want On Valentine's Day...

Valentine’s Day is considered to be that “special” day used to express love for your significant other. Well the argument here lately has been, “You’re supposed to show love everyday, not just on Valentines”. Its also been said that "this is a woman's holiday and just another excuse to receive gifts.”

Me personally, I’m a hopeless romantic + giver and love to go all out for my significant other. However, I also find myself faced with “What do men really want for Valentines”? Most look at February 14th as a day to spoil their women but if... just if the woman wants to cater to her man, we’re often lost on where to start. This year I took it upon myself to ask a few honest males and here’s what I got.

  1. Men Are Simple, think of something your man mentioned that he would like. Whether its a $5 gift or $50 gift, the thought of you listening during casual conversation is a turn on.

  2. Lingerie is not necessary but if you do, go with black or red.

  3. Men like for you to play “dress up” in their clothes. Basketball shorts, button down shirts and hoodies (while you're preparing breakfast of course)

  4. Men enjoy romantic and intimate dinners as well. The preference….AT HOME. Cater to babe with his favorite dish, favorite alcoholic beverage and cigar (if he indulges).

  5. Lastly, end the day with a sensual experience ;-)

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