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Timo Weiland Shows Preppy Chic During NYFW!

On Sunday, Sept. 11th New York based designer Timo Weiland showcased his new Spring/Summer garments to an awe gazing audience during New York Fashion Week. Setting the tone with cool blues, burnt oranges, and reds the designer trademarks each piece with a signature silouhette that silently encourages sex appeal, a collection for woman not afraid of colored prints and whimsical patterns.

The women and menswear brand is warm, friendly and prep chic just like Timo Weiland's spirit.

After an applaud worthy presentation the designer celebrated with an after party held at Happy Ending, a plush nightclub that instantly transports you into a new, sexy world. The DJ was banging, people smiling and dancing as Timo Weiland himself walked through the crowd taking hugs, high fives and congratulations for presenting a wonderful collection.

Get a load of Timo Weiland's Spring/Summer 17 Collection below, I’m sure there will be threads you will love! There's more at TimoWeiland.com

Photos: Courtesy of Timo Weiland

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