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Morris Chestnut & Regina Hall Talk New Film "When The Bough Breaks"

On September 9th, Sony Pictures will drop a new thriller When The Bough Breaks starring Morris Chestnut, Regina Hall and newcomer (from Dallas, TX) Jaz Sinclair. The film follows Jon Taylor (Morris Chestnut) and Laura Taylor (Regina Hall) a young, professional couple who desperately want a baby and after exhausting all options decide to hire a young surrogate- Anna (Jaz Sinclair). As she gets further in her pregnancy she becomes fixated with the husband. They must fight to regain control. Will they win?

Executive Producer Morris Chestnut and actress Regina Hall answered questions on what to expect from the new film, longevity in Hollywood and more:

How do you feel about this movie given that you are part of Black Hollywood?

Morris Chestnut: I’m just happy to be working. For Black Hollywood, opportunities are increasing and improving in television. It could be better in film, but the opportunities are there.

Regina Hall: I agree. But like Morris, I’m glad to be working.

How did you handle the intensity of the film?

Morris Chestnut: We’re both professionals so we were up to the challenge of such an emotional film. Working with Regina and Jaz was a great experience.

Regina Hall: For me, it’s always about the project; so I loved the intensity of the film. That intensity is what drives you when you’re shooting.

Morris you are an Executive Producer and star on this project. What was that like?

Morris Chestnut: It wasn’t my first time to produce and star in a project, but it’s always a good feeling to have impact as an actor and on the producing side. I felt this script was unique and was really drawn to it and I looked forward to working with the director as well.

To Regina: Do you think your character was at all naïve in the film?

Regina Hall: I think her desire for a child was bigger than the red flags that presented themselves. Sometimes life just goes in a direction that no one plans.

How as shooting in New Orleans and how much did the location play as part of the film?

Regina Hall: New Orleas was almost like a character in the movie itself, and since my character is a chef, the city and its rich food history really played into it.

How was it working with a new young talent (Jaz Sinclair)?

Morris Chestnut: If Jaz’s character is not believable, the film fails, and she was so great to work with. I enjoyed it a lot.

How did you deal with the dark subject matter?

Morris Chestnut: This film takes an emotional toll on you, and it was draining. It was a relief to be done so I could get out of that head space. As actors, we always try and put ourselves into that situation. My kids are older, but my approach was to imagine not having them and not being able to have them.

What has been the key to your success and longevity?

Regina Hall: Picking the right parts and working with great people and doing the work for every opportunity you get.

Morris Chestnut: Being courteous and respectful to the people you work with. You don’t want any friction or conflict on your sets. No one wants to work with someone who is difficult to be around.

What’s the take away? [From the film]

Morris Chestnut: This film shows that no one has everything. The one thing they wanted most, a child, they weren’t able to have and money couldn’t buy it.

Check out the official trailer for the film here and make sure to head to theaters this weekend to support!

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