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UniverSoul Circus Is Explosive Family Fun Under The Big Top!

Remember that old, dull circus that we were dragged to in our younger years?!?! Yeah, me too! Well, UniverSoul Circus brings interactive entertainment to the circus!

Created in 1994, UniverSoul Circus takes you on a world tour featuring acrobatic acts, mind blowing tricks and stunts from performers across the globe- Columbia, Peru, South Africa, China Ethiopia and a host of others are featured in this family fin event.

"Ain’t No Party Like The Big Top Party Cause The Big Top Party Don’t Stop!"

It’s true! From opening acts featuring local school and dance team MADD Cheer and Dallas Unique to the closing audience spotlight, UniverSoul Circus is one huge party across the world in one night! Beginning in the Caribbean, dancers and stilt walkers rocked the stage to the beat of tropical music as we witnessesed a limbo line laced with fire that had my daughter, Jordon fixated on the stage!

Lucky The Ringmaster got the Dallas crowd going with some fresh dance moves! Not knowing what to expect we enjoyed a night full of “Ohhs” and “Ahhs” from act to act. The gravity defying trio trailed in the air over larger than life hamster wheels and had the NERVE to perform a flip as the top wheel was highest in the air!

Fresh the Clownsss entertained the tent with fresh and popular dance trends (and boy can the trio dance) interacting with the crowd by popping to each section for a lucky audience members chance at karaoke, all in fun ending with a GOT EM! as one young man thought he had a go at the mic! That sent the crowd in a roaring laugh….

Universal Volleyball and the Soul Train Line kept the fun going with smiles glowing across the tent! It’s like a big family reunion with live entertainment! I couldn’t stay in my seat, especially when Frankie Beverly & Maze shot through the speakers and everyone under the Big Tent played sing along. Flying Bikes, contortionist, tigers, elephants and plank walking acrobats are all apart of the spectacular show that I’m sure you’ll only see at UniverSoul Circus.

Our experience will definitely go down in our family memory book as a “favorite”. My youngest son Collin (who never dances and hates to take pics- see above) literally got out of his seat and hit some dance moves! Even my oldest son, Silas was thrilled when watching the bikes fly across the room! I’m sure it’ll be a night he will never forget. Its family fun for all ages! Aside from family fun, the cultural diversity is something I truly appreciate. The showcase of talent across a diverse ethnic cast exposes children to explore talent from around the world. Which is a mission of my non profit foundation, ModelofCuture.org

Head over to my snapchat: @VannaCollins for a peek at opening night!

You’ve still got time to catch a few more shows in Dallas so click here to purchase your tickets! Skip to UniverSoulCircus.com to find out what cities are next on the tour stop. Make it a MISSION to attend!

Photo Credit: UniverSoulCircus Instagram and Vanna Collins

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