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Dallas Locals Casted In RAGTIME The Musical!

13 time Tony award nominated musical RAGTIME is now running at Dallas Summer Musicals with local Dallas talent from my alma mater St. Philips School and Community Center.

The production features explosive musical selections, dancing and first-rate entertainment that is a MUST SEE!

White upper-class wife “Mother", discovers a young African American boy while working in her garden and cares for him. Jewish immigrant “Tateh", an artist from Latvia realizes life in New York isn’t all its cracked up to be for himself and his daughter whom he struggled to support and lastly Harlem musician "Coalhouse Walker Jr.”, a pianist who discovers the love of his life Sarah has delivered his child. They each share one common interest… a better life in the “ragged” world.

Throughout the harmonic act you'll follow the characters through encounters of discrimination. From “Mothers” husband not fully accepting the black boy in his home to Tateh being spit upon by Police to Coalhouse’s new Ford car being destroyed by Scottish racists. The soul moving tunes of gospels drifting from performer to performer will touch you deeply. Pop up appearances from historical characters Harry Houdini, Booker T. Washington, J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford add for a thought provoking narrative to this drama.

The powerful voices of Chris Sames (Coalhouse Walker Jr.), Leslie Jackson (Sarah) and ensemble delivered musical treats to my ears and lets not forget 7 year old James Hayes (Top) and 5 year old Anthony Taylor (Bottom) from St. Phillip’s School & Community Center that have been casted as Young Coalhouse!

What are you waiting for?! RAGTIME is running at the Music Hall at Fair Park May 24th – June 5th. Catch a show while its still in town! You’ll be sorry if you don’t!

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