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Stylist Courtney Walker Shows Men How To Get The "Cam Newton Flair" For Valentines Day!

Cam Newton is the most talked about NFL player of the season! Besides his powerful athletic skills on the field, his “dab” celebration dancing and his devotion to making a child smile with a football, the Carolina Panthers quarterback is one of the most stylish males off the field.

This Valentines Day stylist Courtney Walker of Edify Style shows you how to add the “Newton Flair” to your Valentines fashion this weekend. Read below as Courtney dives in and takes over...

As much as we love the color red, we need to make sure we don’t look like a giant crayon. So to pull off a Cam inspired look, find a red blazer that has a different hue of color like the one here from Express. It’s a linen ombre type of blazer, it will give you a little hint of style beyond just a solid color. This way if you want to use it post Valentine day you can.

Since we are talking about Cam Newton’s since of style you can take this red and khaki gingham patterned shirt from his collection at Belk, add it to your red blazer to give your outfit more texture.

To add something different besides a normal black pant, we are going to go with my personal favorite from H&M, a neutral, slim fitted grey slack. This will create clean lines as well as elongate the body. Now... if you want to pair distinctively, you are welcome to use a red tie, bowtie or pocket square.

Anndddd for those willing to push the envelope a little bit further you should pair this look with a grey tie as well. Bringing the whole outfit together.

This is the perfect outfit for a memorable Valentines weekend. I’ve given you various ways to wear this look starting with the most elementary to the most flashy. Alright guys- head on out and pick up your pieces! Have a wonderful, lucky and stylish Valentines weekend! - Courtney Walker

Photos courtesy of Express; H&M; Belk

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