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Monster Brings Clarity To My Earbuds!!

Monster Products sent over their new Clarity HD Earbuds and I must say that I am in LOVE! Coming from a gal who is always on the go and on her second pair of UrBeats earphones (don’t judge me), this package came just in time!

I needed a reliable earphone that featured great sound quality for both my calls and music. It doesn’t hurt that my sleek matte neon pink buds match my saucy personality! The quality of the Clarity HD Earbuds are better overall… they don’t get tangled like other earphones (that could be a hassle- well for me I know it was) and the flat cables are really durable. I also like the fact that Monster keeps in mind that everyones ear is NOT the same size. I would stay away from earbuds in the past because they were so uncomfortable but my “Pink Monsters" (thats what I named them) came with three different earbud sizes- small, medium and large so you can pick which is more comfortable for your ears.

Now- the ControlTalk Universal feature….for someone who is ALWAYS driving (raises hand) it's very convenient to have. Being able to control my device by pushing a button to answer/end calls without having to grab my phone is amazing! In fact they are so good while talking to my BFF Shay the other day I asked “Can you hear me well?” Her response, “Very well”. I said “Ok great! I have these new earphones I’m testing.” She says “Oh my friend, I hear you very well, you sound so clear.” (She’s been through my earphone struggle with me these last few months).”I think I need a pair of those, hint and clue”. So needless to say she’ll be receiving a pair!

Sound quality, durability, sleek design, comfortability and overall function are all things I look for when purchasing most of my electronic accessories. The Monster Clarity HD Earbuds are definitely one of my favorites to date! The Monster team gave me a little present for you too! From now until December 25th use promo code “Monster Nation” and get 20% off!


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