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Cora Jakes Coleman Talks "Faithing It" In Her Debut Book!

Cora Jakes Coleman has experienced many of life's setbacks- fertility issues, childhood trauma and a near fatal car accident but that didn’t stop her from fighting for her dreams! Eldest daughter of world renowned Bishop T.D. Jakes, she decides to share her personal battles in Faithing It: Bringing Purpose Back To Your Life, her debut book details how she overcame each setback with major FAITH!

After reading an advanced copy I personally had a new perspective on faith, call it a reinforcer if you will. I got the opportunity to ask the author a few questions. Take a peek below as she answers each question whole heartedly and honestly!

What brought about the revelation to write Faithing It?

I wrote Faithing It because I was diagnosed with infertility at the age of 22. My faith was shaken and I was trying to figure out how to renew my faith. After the 2nd go at ivf cycle the Lord began to talk about faith and rebirthing it. I understood that "Faithing It" would bring about redemption.

What does “Faithing It” mean to you?

The ability to trust in Gods ability through anything. There are obstacles and mountains but your shield against the enemy is success.

How is “Faithing It” applied to your life being a daughter of world renowned TD Jakes?

I applied it through showing transparency and vulnerability through “Faithing It”- birthed through my experiences. My Father and Mother always spoke destiny and faith over me and with this I gained the ability to attain and want to share it with others. Faithing It is my “WTAL” (Woman Thou Art Loosed).

What advice do you have for women dealing with fertility issues?

Hold on, don’t give up. Remember what you heard and/or saw. If God can show it to you, he can give it to you. Don’t let what the world is saying hinder you. In due season you will reap!

Whats your favorite chapter in Faithing It?

Chapter 6 is my favorite because its about paralyzing what we can’t do for ourself, it looses you from not being able to move forward and Chapter 6 brings awareness to this.

What do you want the readers to gain from Faithing It?

I would hope that my readers come away learning that they are royalty. It’s ok to ask God why and that it’s ok to be angry and upset. Take that anger as a stone to come back to use in their life as David did fighting against Goliath.

“Be Careful whose life you envy” you are quoted saying this in your book. Elaborate on that please..

Worry about yourself. You can see the pic and that its all glitz and glam. No one sees the tears and the "before" picture. In Faithing It you're able to see my infertility before and rejoice in that. If we continue to look at other peoples promises, we can not fight for our owns.

What did you learn if anything about yourself?

As a 28 year old wife and mother, with the demand with the world and demand on life I had to learn how to get through it. It developed the power and shield through me. I learned that I am a David at heart. David wasn’t afraid of Goliath…if I stand on God’s ability then all things are possible.

Faithing It is a MUST read and is available at all major book retailers and online Nov. 17th. I encourage you to add this wonderful book about triumphs and tribulations to your collection. I guarantee you will learn something about yourself. I certainly did….

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