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One Tough Cookie Foundation Brings Preemie Kids To The Forefront On Nov. 15th!

Each year, 1 of every 8 babies is born premature in the United States. Because of this personal encounter, Kendra and Michael Sanders created One Tough Cookie Foundation. Mom and Dad to predeveloped daughter Kenai, the two have had first hand experience on what premature parents and families face daily. The foundation helps bring awareness to the seriousness of prematurity by providing support groups, meal cards and gift "tough cookie" bags to parents with premature, sick or passed newborns.

On November 15th One Tough Cookie Foundation will host the "WONDERLAND Preemie Kids Charity Fashion Event" at Lofty Spaces hosted by the impeccable Dawn Neufield. During the event you'll see 14 premature children (or models) walk the runway with courage! With the purchase of your $40 ticket you'll help families cope with difficult and life changing experiences of a premature baby through a variety of resources that provide guidance and stability.

From now until Saturday, Nov. 7th you can get your ticket for a fraction of the cost-$25!! Click the link www.wonderlandpreemieshow.eventbrite.com and enter discount code : WRTC1115

You gave birth to "One Tough Cookie", you're not on this journey alone!

I encourage you to share with family and friends who could use the support!

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