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A.W. Brown Fellowship Leadership Academy Is Looking To Make Its Mark With 1,000 Men On Nov. 6th!!

A.W. Brown-Fellowship Leadership Academy will host DADDY DAY CARE on November, 6th. What is DADDY DAY CARE you ask? It’s their annual event where the school welcomes fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and male mentors volunteer and take on roles as teachers, hall monitors, administrators and coaches. It’s an opportunity to get a day in the life of teachers and administrators. Not only is this initiative an opportunity for fathers or father “figures” to become involved in their child’s education, I personally enjoy watching the men take on these roles and interact with the kids.

Since 2002 over 500 men have participated and this year the goal is to reach 1,000 men to cover both campuses. So fathers, I encourage you to step up and take on the challenge for the day! Walk away with new memories as you touch these young hearts and a memorable “ I Survived Daddy Day Care!” t- shirt!!

For more information, please contact William Holmes at wholmes@awbrown.org or (972) 709-4700, ext. 2009.

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