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Get A Shot Of Cake With A Kick!!

Cake with a Kick is the new “cake shot”. It combines savory cake flavors with spirits to equal a total taste bud overload!! A new venture for owner Misti Scott, Cake with a Kick came about when she decided the market was too saturated with cupcakes and alcohol pipetters. She began selling her product in mason jars but was unhappy with the packaging so it clicked when measuring alcohol in a shot glass to add to the batter… why not just use the shot glass? And there you have it. Since May 2015 the company has taken off!

Cake with a Kick is perfect for a Girls Night Out, Bachelorette Parties or when you just want something different so make sure you try the best sellers, Cognac Cutie (Chocolate Cake/ Chocolate Frosting/ Cognac), Moon Shine Mama (Banana Cake/ Strawberry Frosting/ Moon Shine) and Your Highness (Vanilla Cake/ Cream Cheese Frosting/ Crown Royal Apple)

I absolutely loved my sample box and the speedy delivery service but my favorite was Margarita! I guarantee you will see a lot of Cake With A Kick around the metroplex!

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