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Visions of White: Art & Fashion Come Together for Autism

North Dallas hosted an angelic night of autism awareness and dazzling artistry this past Thursday. The Round Up for Autism Charity and Patron Magazine partnered with distinguished artists and fashion designers Andre Yabin and Luis Nazario of Binzario Couture, for a two-part unveiling.

Guest enjoyed a heavenly arrangement of live harp music accompanying the presentation of twenty-five manikins dawning distinct beaded gowns of Binzario Couture’s White collection along with exquisite art pieces by Carmen Menza, Shayema Rahim, Shawn Saumell, and Tamara White.

It was definitely a full-house, as Dallas’ elite graced the scene including notable designer Charles Smith of Smith II, Sherice Brown of She’s Brown Fitness, and Dallas Area Rapid Transit Chief Architect, Steven L. Bourn. Scrumptious hors d'oeuvre were prepared by the Tiger Café, a group of extraordinary adults of the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas.

Bobby Norris, founder of the Round up for Autism and Executive Director, Gina Marx led the evening’s unveilings alongside members of the Tiger Café. According to Gina Marx, Binzario Couture (who will be showing during New York Fashion Week) has consistantly supported various initiatives for autism from the Round Up for Autism, a charity which raises funds and awareness for the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas.

Painter Mindy Page revealed a vivid piece followed by Binzario Couture’s custom cocktail dress of the hour worn by model Mary Bentley. Both will be auctioned off at this years’ Pegasus Ball, with the theme being “A Gatsby Affair”. The event will be held at the Fairmont Hotel on September 19th. For more information, visit atcoftexas.org.

Last but not least, Posh Public, represented by Justin Chavez and Fé Petreley were also in-house showing off a collection of brightly colored silk scarves printed with a painting by Lisa, one of the youth benefitting from the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas. Posh Public joins artists with nonprofits “…for social cause…” to showcase their designs on items of clothing that is then sold, returning 20% of sales to the artist and the selected nonprofit agency.

This heartwarming night was definitely one that left attendees dazzled. All proceeds of the night were donated to the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas.

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