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Cake Face Soaping Is A "Must Have" You Will Naturally Love! (Giveaway Inside)

Hailing from Nawlins’, The Boot, The Big Easy, The N.O. or whatever you prefer to call the place where sparkly beads, jazz music and creole culture is prominent- comes Cake Face Soaping. An innovative and affordable brand of all natural soaps, body butters and ointments handmade in New Orleans, Louisianna by New Orleans native Kelsey Foreman for babies, men and women.

Instantly drawn to her collections by the sweet aroma fluttering from her table during the Celebrity Blogger Martini Mixer hosted by Design Essentials during the Essence Festival weekend. Cake Face Soaping’s colorful soaps, light scents, conditioning body butter and awesome graphic designs (also created by Kelsey Foreman) sets this line apart from others on the market who are so called “natural” but not really.

Another fun fact about this line is that everything is printed on TREE-LESS paper. Uh- hello?!?! Are you in love yet? Read below as Kelsey shares her favorite Cake Face product, ingredients to use and more. Oh wait- I didn’t mention the GIVEAWAY did I? Welp- One lucky will get one of my FAVORITE products from Cake Face Soaping! An eye pillow + matching oil set! OMGosh, you will absolutely love it and sleeping will never be the same with this addition! (Read below for details on winnings)

How did cake face soaping come about?

Cake Face Soaping is a brand I created in 2010 based on the need for a quality soap that was affordable. I started out with just making soaps for fun and once I saw that people were interested, I decided to go for it and open an Etsy store. The brand has continued to grow since then.

What's your favorite product?

My favorite product is the Facial moisturizer for dry skin. Besides the fact that it successfully moisturizes my skin, it also makes my face glow! After using it for six months I noticed it had cleared up a red spot on the bridge of my nose which I had got from sleeping with my glasses on when I was a kid!

What's your favorite ingredient to include and why?

Essential oils take the cake, no pun intended! They are the power behind the brand. Each oil has unique properties that can enhance your skin's natural health and get it back to where it should be.

Tell us about these eye pillows...

The eye pillows are really great. We make three different kinds—Headache Relief, Sleep Helper, and Stress Relief. They are filled with a blend of essential oil infused grains and dried plant materials which work together to bring you peace. Additionally, these can be heated up or chilled and will hold the temperature for about 20 minutes! So relaxing!

Any item from Cake Face Soaping will make a great gift for yourself (wink) or whomever you feel is worthy to bask in *clears throat* GLORRRYYYY! Head over to the website and get to shopping! If you’re in New Orleans, Kenner or Baton Rouge Cake Face Soaping is available in select Whole Foods locations.

Now- the details on the giveaway!!! The first person to share this post and tag CakeFaceSoaping and VannaCollins on Facebook or Instagram will win!

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