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Pat Smith Brings Treasure You to Belk!

Pat Smith

Photo Credit: Cy Davison

Belk’s Innovation Lounge Inside of Galleria Dallas- entertained about thirty of Dallas fashion/community influencers for a private, light hearted brunch hosted by Pat Smith and Treasure You to bring awareness to the importance of breast cancer screenings.

Holly Quartaro and Kelly Hunter

Photo Credit: Shana Anderson

I must admit that sitting in white garden chairs with beautiful flowers accenting the table surrounded by designer fashions as I fed on chicken sausage, bacon and fruit was quite the delight. Holly Quartaro, Kelly Hunter, Stephanie Drenka, Cynthia Smoot, Leah Frazier, Charmaine Marshall were also spotted at this inspirational affair exchanging smiles.

Photo Credit: Shana Anderson

Photo Credit: Shana Anderson

Pat Smith (The Most Influential Football Wife, in my opinion) shared her personal story on how she lost her mom at the age of 22 to breast cancer and the devastating toll it took on her life as well as how it affected her as a mother to her children. She says with a smile, “It’s great that 20 years later, I can smile!” I nearly cried. Pat introduced four women selected by her for a “Treasure You Experience”; a weekend of pampering. Each lady shared their own personal stories and what keeps them going as they struggle with the disease.

Photo Credit: Cy Davison

The Mobile Mammography Center has offered free screenings for more than 8,800 women with over 30 detections and the arrival of the BelkGives on the Go Mobile Mammography Center to Dallas was well received.

Belk does it again! Kudos to the ladies of Nunez PR for a job well done on this wonderful event!

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