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Fan Expo 2015 Invades Dallas!

I believe no matter how old you are, there is still a big kid inside of us all. Comicon is one of the largest (if not the largest) comic book convention in the world! Comic book heroes, fantasy cosplay, and science fiction stars graced the halls of the Dallas Convention Center this last weekend (May 29 - 31). FanExpo is a culmination of all those things and then some! Among many of the stars in attendence were Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead), Dean Cain (Louis and Clark: Adventures of Superman) and.....*drum roll*.....wait for it.....Carrie Fisher (Star Wars)! All on hand for autographs and photo-ops throughout the entire weekend.

If comic books are more of your speed and you still have them in a box in your attic (I know I do)... then many of todays comic creators and writers like Greg Horn (cover artist) and Alex Maleev (Hell Boy) were there for fan meet and greets along with autograph prints of their work. Now, if you are like me and still cherish the old stuff- Stan Lee and Neal Adams were there as well....*sigh*....geek heaven! There were literally tons of comic book vendors to fullfill your every need of comic fandom.

So lets discuss this thing called Cosplay .....*I know I just got blank stares*..... Cosplay or costume play, is a subculture of individuals that wear costumes and/or fashion accessories to represent a character or idea.....ok,in lamens terms...adult dress up! Cosplay is huge! So much so that they have a red carpet like celebrities! From your favorite comic book character such as Batman (DC Comics) to a villain of one of the most popular of video games...they were there!

FanExpo is a an event that has to be experienced no matter what you are into. From celebrities to comic books to super eloborated halloween costumes, you can find it at a comicon. No worries, it is a family friendly environment that can be enjoyed by all but, make sure you bring plenty of money because you will find something that you just cant live without!

Photo credit: Cy Davison

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