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F.A.T By Design Delivers A Spectacular Brunch!!

Talitha Burris and her F.A.T by Design team presented an awesome Mother’s Day Brunch/Concert held at the angelic themed Fame Bar & Grill in Cedar Hill.

Sandra welcomed me so graciously upon my entrance that I became instantly engaged. Not knowing that my soul would be in for such a surprise I took a seat and indulged in the eats. Served were fried fish, fried chicken, salad, pasta, eggs, bacon and my favorite were the GRITS! The best dog on grits I’ve ever tasted in my life! Two thumbs up to Chef Lee!

Hosted by (my pal) the savvy K.C. Fox, the soiree began with a candle lighting for those in attendance whose mother had passed away (I don’t think there was a dry eye in the building after the recognition) followed by a moving poem written and performed by Danielle. Afterwards a great act by BNor and her harmonious singers (who hit every note perfectly) upbeat praises brought the spirits in the building up. Then there was Nubia (whose voice is just as soothing as Jill Scott) that shut the house down with some old school Frankie Beverly & Maze. Giveaways for mothers in the audience were in order during the celebration and rightfully so. (I mean I even won a free photoshoot!)

Before I withdrew from the event I went shopping. I mean after all its Mother’s Day weekend and I needed to grab a few items for my special ladies. Sacred Instruments showcased lovely handmade pieces and I copped 2 for myself (couldn’t help it). Pink Zebra had the most wonderful smelling aromas for the home and I snagged two (after a narrowing it down from about twenty scents). Diva Collections’ beautiful accessories in a variety of hues, shapes, sizes and styles drew me in.

F.A.T. by Design is a non-profit organization that serves women ages 18 and over. Its mission is to help cultivate the lives of women, by using the arts, fashion and life enrichment events to transform them into the women they were meant to be thus birthing Fashion. Arts. Transformations.

My soul touched, my pocket book tapped and my belly full! I’d say this was successful! Kudos to Talitha Burris and her F.A.T. by Design team on its first Mother’s Day Brunch! I look forward as to what’s to come in the future! (Hopefully another plate of those grits) ;)

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