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Mad Max: Fury Road Is An Action Packed MUST SEE!!

Warner Bros. has done it again! By done it again I mean delivering a high octane action packed film Mad Max: Fury Road! Starring Tom Hardy (Inception), Charlize Theron (Hancock) and Zoe Kravitz (Divergent) the film delivers thrilling and suspenseful scene after scene as the crew escape the powerful Immortan Joe whose reign gives very little to the people of the land. Max is taken for captive by the warriors and driven into battle (literally) once rebel Imperator Furiosa is revealed. Belting through the desert in a 20,000 horsepower War Rig and crossing many allies of Immortan Joe along the escape, Max and Furiosa must begin to work together in hopes of making it across the desert to her childhood homeland “the green place”.

Charlize Theron is superb in this film! I’ve never seen her as gritty and grimy before! Ladies- this is a film your man will LOVE! Beautiful women (like Victoria's Secret model turned actress Rosie Huntington Whiteley), action, suspense and gun power! Treat him, you won’t regret it! Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters Friday, May 15th guys so get your tickets!

P.S. - Make sure it's 3D!

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