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Beauty is LIVE at Belk!

The modern, southern, style flagship store known as Belk recently brought the grandest beauty tricks to the stage during BEAUTY LIVE, a weekend event at Galleria Dallas focused on what else? BEAUTY! With tons of beauty enthusiasts from across the metroplex coming out to partake in receiving tips, trends and makeovers the merchandiser held a panel titles GLAMSformation: Transformation tips for skin, color, hair and scents.

Estee Lauder showcased tips on how to keep a “flawless face” with the Advanced Night Repair Moisturizer and shared the trick to a greatly countered face using the number “3” technique. Contouring simplified that even I have confidence that I can apply a flawless face.

Lisa Boness from Clinique says the “Chubby Stick is a MUST HAVE for the Spring season.” It’s a great tool that can be used on the eye to give you a soft, sexy look. A great ombre lip is great for the season using oranges. That is totally the color for spring.

Lancome has got the BEST THING EVERRRRRRR! A waterproof brow pencil is what Jordan introduced to us!! It’s exactly what’s needed this summer! No more worrying about your brows being washed off at the pool, beach or just a plain ole sweaty day in good ol’ Texas!

T3 is known for its luxury line of hair tools. Known to have the fastest blow dryers on the market. We learned about a new tool that I’m drooling over. The 360 curling irons with a built in thermal protectant. This curling iron rolls by itself! Rolls by itself guys! So no more wrist bends and flips to achieve those perfect curls!

Alan Ginsburg from Parlux shared new perfumes from Vince Camuto. Three new floral scents feure- fire, amore- love and bella- beautiful who all share a distinct smell. Whether you love a heavy, light or soft fragrance, Vince Camuto will bring you into the season smelling like a flower.

All of these products are available at Belk- Galleria Dallas, Need help on makeup tricks? Just hit the Lancome, Clinique or Estee Lauder counter for easy how to tips. While you're there stop by the perfume counter and grab the 360 curling irons! They all make lovely gifts!

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