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8 Interesting Facts Learned After Viewing Iris Apfel's Documentary "Iris"

Fashion icon Iris Apfel is the leading lady of style. Known for her flamboyant accessories and colorful clothing, her life as a businesswoman and interior designer has taken her around the world landing her recurring restoration projects at the White House for nine presidents starting with Truman.

The 93 year old red lip popping “rare bird” is starring in her own documentary directed by Albert Maysles, Gimme Shelter (1970) and below are 8 important things you will learn. But first let me tell you that the fur wearing, big bracelet banging white haired diva is proving she is still a force to be reckoned with. With the help of Carl’s personal collection of photos and videos from their travels (and fashions), the documentary takes you into an intimate look at her life. From her wedding day to the launch of Old World Weavers, behind the scenes of fashion shoots and her intricate collection of one of a kind pieces of jewelry, shirts, jackets and everything else that embodies Iris you’re lured into her world. *TEA ALERT* Iris’ husband Carl Apfel spilled some tea on one particularly popular first lady whom they had issues with! (Yasssss Carl). Iris quickly hushed him and he reluctantly succumbed so needless to say we didn’t get the full scoop. Now, on to the important facts…

  • Her collection spans from clothing and accessories from around the world

  • She doesn’t have any rules cause if she did she’d “be breaking them all the time”

  • She is FULL of spunk and personality

  • She doesn’t miss a beat

  • Everything she has, she goes out to find herself

  • She is totally against plastic surgery

  • Her friends have to be funny and curious

  • She doesn’t like pretty….

Special guest appearances from world renowned fashion designers such as Naeem Khan, fashion editors and photographers shows just how important she is too many. Showing a more sensitive side she denotes “there are far more important things in life” (than fashion). The love between Iris and Carl Apfel is clearly seen throughout the film which makes any heart warm. Iris is definitely a once in a century kind of gal.

I could go on and on but what I will surely say is after viewing the documentary I’m amazed, inspired, intrigued and very delighted to have the opportunity to witness Iris Apfel (the originator) in my lifetime.

Iris Apfel hits the Angelika Film Center- Dallas on Friday, April 24th at the USA Film Festival for opening night of her documentary and an on stage conversation with Dallas’ own fashion star Jan Strimple. You DO NOT want to miss this so get your tickets here

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