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A Deep Convo with Tyrese...Black Rose, Dumb Sh*t and Furious 7

The sultry soulful voice presented by Grammy nominated singer/actor Tyrese Gibson will be blessing us once more with his last solo, double album titled Black Rose. The Fast and the Furious actor dishes on his new album dropping July 7th and Furious 7 in a private call to select media.

What else is the singer’s life and career about? Well, it’s about inspiring the people that follow him. He doesn’t believe that he has this platform just to get “likes” but rather to share knowledge with his audience. His constant encouragement on social media is what makes this chocolate man a fan favorite (aside from his good looks, charm and singing voice)

The first single off Black Rose is titled “Dumb Sh*t” and features Snoop Dogg through his own label, Voltron Recordz. The song is about honesty and sometimes he does, well “dumb sh*t” and makes mistakes. Not necessarily connected to cheating but mistakes in life altogether. Expect to hear much about this song as there is a bit of a reunion from one of Jody’s, I mean Tyrese Gibson’s most noted movie roles.

Black Rose is a “universe” by universe we mean a conglomerate of Tyreseisms (He wanted to give his fans more than enough content on his last album). A 20 song album with one side (10 songs) being RnB featuring Tyrese and the other side (10 songs) being rap featuring Black Ty. A documentary that takes us behind the scenes of his 34 day journey in Arizona with writers, producers and singers as they worked on the album, laughs, jokes, prayers and lifesaving experience all while making 146 original songs. A book (that we’re sure will be his 3rd NY Times Best Seller) that he calls “raw”. He admits that he is coming clean about all the craziness he’s experienced in life. Lastly the Black Rose audio book where the star narrates over the instrumentals from the album.

The two-time NY Times Best Selling Author reveals that he will still sing (on features/soundtracks) but do not expect any more albums from him. Black Rose is his “most honest and uncomfortable album he’s ever released” says Gibson. With heavy hitters including Chrisette Michelle, Tank, The Game, Jennifer Hudson and of course Snoop D-O DOUBLE G we are highly anticipating the release date of July 7th.

The “Sweet Lady” singer also revealed to us that he has a mini movie, no a musical short with Grammy winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson. With legendary director Paul Hunter behind the 23 minute project Tyrese portrays a struggling, abusive soul singer in 1968 whose hooked on cocaine, drugs and alcohol, a fusion of music history’s Ike Turner, Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye if you will. Expect to see it in the Tribeca, Sundance and Cannes film festivals because Tyrese is a “finisher” (you gotta love that)

Now…we’re all fans of the widely acclaimed Fast and Furious franchise and the highly anticipated latest installment Furious 7 will release this Friday, April 3rd (*screams* I can’t wait!!) and Roman Pierce is back in full force. Why is this franchise such a success? Tyrese believes part of the success of Fast and Furious is because of the mixed cultural diversity (I can agree), there is someone on that screen that people in the world can identify with. The cast is just as close off screen as on. They spend time together on holidays, birthdays and joyous play dates with Vin Diesel’s daughter, Hania in his very own LA backyard. As his voice begins to tremble, Tyrese admits Furious 7 was “one of the most challenging movies for any of the cast to start and finish because of the demise of Paul Walker” whom he felt was literally an angel. A Sincere soul.

Tyrese loves a good lyric, bursting into Adele’s “never thought I’d find someone like you” he says that real songs are the best. Songs that come from a real place. We are dealing with singers and rappers that don’t come from the heart but instead want to sell you on what they have. What does he want? Music that will affect him, move him and emotionally reflect on him.

When asked about advice he quickly answers “Don’t allow anybody to make you feel bad about your blessings.” “That is what I would tell the 16year old Tyrese sitting on the bus during the Coca Cola commercial. Don’t let any man or woman compromise your sexuality or spirituality.” In regards to love, “Forgive faster, hug longer and kiss slower”

“The worst thing you can do is not realize when you have reached their peak. He wants people to say that he used his god given stage to motivate and inspire and give people permission to be significant and do great things.“ I absolutely loved this quote.

Closing the call you could hear in his voice the joy and gratitude to guests on the call. I have a new found love (like I needed more reasons) for Tyrese. His persistence to perform at a greater level and inspire others is unimaginable.

Check out his new video “Dumb Sh*t” (above) and make sure you get tickets to Furious 7! The Black Rose album and its affiliates drop July 7th so mark your calendars people!

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