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Art Hearts Fashion Presented By AIDS Healthcare Foundation Brings Out The BEST Artistic Designers!!

Since 2011 designer and philanthropist Erik Rosete has produced a show with a medley of emerging designers. This season looks ranged from old Hollywood glam (fur included) to sexy cocktail dresses, to super cool menswear and satchels. There were gorgeous artistic designs with metal linked together so amazingly the dresses moved like fluid on the runway. I see why the show was named Art Hearts FASHION...each collection exhibited some form of art. From body paint and jewelry, to head pieces and masks. There was even drama like mysterious entrances where models undraped to show off body paint. ONE MODEL HELD HIS NAKED PEEN AS HE STRUTTED IN HIS CLOAK! (gasp) So to say that this was exciting is an understatement because the music made it hard for me to stay seated!The favorite of the night seemed to be Michael Costello and his black lace designs with architectural details.

MISTER TRIPLE X was a collection by Eric Rosete whom opened the show. WALTER MENDEZ presented gorgeous dresses. HOUSE OF LI JON- OMG!!! The talent. Her stuff is amazing moved so well on the runway it was unreal. HOUSE OF BYFIELD = texture!!! International style. HALLIE SARA showcased a conglomeration of classic modern fur. MIMI TRAN- Sexy ass cocktail and evening dresses (no other way to describe how sexy they are). MT COSTELLO closed the show, his collection was totally dramatic including the body paint.

Arts Hearts Fashion Presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation and its artistic designers were a great way to end the New York Fashion Week showcases!

To view the full collections from all 7 designers click here

Contributor: ZeEnna Jenkins

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