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Lupe Gajardo brings a "natural" look to the runway during New York Fashion Week

This show screamed recycled & organic!!! Lots of neutral colors and natural textiles. What I thought was just burlap was real coffee sacs. And who would pair coffee sacs with real life feathers???? Lupe Gajardo, thats who! All of the models wore super flat leather or denim shoes, their makeup was of course natural and gave an androgynous look. Hair was also free and natural, some wore messy ponytails wrapped with material.

Now, the music was cool!! A chill, mysterious dance mix is how I'd describe it. And the models walked at a slow pace. The buzz was that the show was weird and confusing and I can see why. The recycled denim was a little weird at first, the dresses had too much material, the feel was kind of muted BUT there were some great elements.

SO I loved this cotton knitted pancho as well as some cord knitted pants! Oh I ADORED this one black silk knitted dress.The accessories were cool...from socks made from baby lamb, leather nap sacs (belt bag) and clutches. The jackets were really great! What stood out were the feather detail on the sleeves or shoulders. The detail on one jacket was dope! It was like a bomber jacket made from coffee sacs with embroidered cotton cords.

Everything looked fuzzy, comfortable and warm....ALL OF THE THINGS THAT I NEEDED IN SUB ZERO WEATHER!

For more information on the Chile designer visit LupeGajardo.com

Contributor: Ze-Ena Jenkins

Photo: Arun Nevader

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