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The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes Invades Dallas!!

Last week the Perot Museum showcased a new exhibit! One that I happen to LOVE, The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes hit the city this Valentine’s weekend! I got the opportunity to be a detective for the day and I must say the exhibit is TRULY AMAZINGGGGGG!

As soon as you enter the doors at the Perot Museum your eyes feast on the magnificent display of the vehicle used in the Sherlock Holmes film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. At the exhibit there is a selfie station where you can play dress up in your own Sherlock Holmes gear and grab a quick snap! How cool is that?

Once inside you’re instantly engulfed in historical artifacts from 1887 and props used in modern films and shows. Take out your detective notebook because you’ve began your mission! Going back to 19th century Victorian London we head to Baker Street and the Scotland Yard to begin collecting evidence to solve the crime using experimentation.

It’s important to scan the crime scene closely to make sure you don’t miss clues! You’ll need them! Test your theories at each station to develop the truth. Expect to use your wit and the clues to solve the major crime because this hands on investigation will need all you’ve got!

The bilingual experiment runs now through May 10, 2015! Bring the family in and solve the crime together!

For more information and tickets click here

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