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The Marvel Experience is 3-D, 4-D fun!

Thanks to the crew at Hero Ventures I got the opportunity to become an S.H.E.I.L.D agent! (Just for a few hours, sadly)

Taking place at the Fair Park in Dallas, The Marvel Experience is the best time you’ll EVER have with your favorite superheroes! This once in a lifetime adventure is one everyone should engage in. Just ask Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban!

When your eyes gaze upon the 7 colossal domes you can’t help but to wonder what’s underneath. And once inside, I promise you will not be ready for the first of its kind interactive experience. Greeted by S.H.E.I.L.D staff you instantly embark on a journey to help save the world from the evil Hydra. As any great agent knows you first have to endure physical and mental training. You’ll have to prove you’re just as fast as Spiderman, that you can smash the enemy like Hulk and fly like Iron Man (This task was not as easy as it looked), summon the superheroes at the Avengers Encounter and check your shooting skills inside of the 3-D Holo-Blaster Simulator.

After all is complete you step inside the Quinjet to fight the battle you’ve trained so hard to conquer and board for battle. (This is where it gets juicy) Once aboard you’re taken into the room where Wolverine, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and more join to discuss the plan of attack in the 360- degree, 3-D stereoscopic theater that keeps your head turning (I was overwhelmed with excitement! I was literally standing next to these guys!) Now, it’s time to prepare for battle and take off in the 4-D Motion Ride (a motion thrill for sure!)

Want to know what happens next? Welp, you’ll just have to get tickets to find out!

Make sure you pick up a souvenir cup or bucket at the dining area and splurge on a few of the collector items in the gift shop! This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience for all the Marvel fans of any age! The show is in Dallas until January 31st so you don’t have much time!

For more information on The Marvel Experience visit themarvelexperiencetour.com

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