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Robots Attack at the Perot Museum!

Young brilliant minds gathered this week at the Perot Museum to see the "Robotics Triple Threat". Exibition stations ranged from learning how electrcity flows through circuits to programming robots.

The robots are located in the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall, where anybody could go and explore on how robots effect our everyday life and how they will effect us in the future. One of the first things that caught my eye was the prostetics station and how when you loose an appendage, the robotic leg has a mind of its own to help you walk....(Cyborg anyone?). There were also other stations that taught the basics of engineering which is the rudimentary foundation of robotics such as steam driven hydrolics and how circuit blocks process electrical signals. If that wasnt enough...how about a 3D movie from NatGeo following a group of scientist on there jouney of making a humanoid! Whats a humanoid you ask? Its basically a robot that can do anything that you and I can do.

If you have a born techy kiddo like I do, this is definatley a no brainer. I mean who could pass up the oppurtunity to programm a live robot to do exactly what you told it to do. I know I didn't! ...Ehem....but this is for the kids right? Believe me no matter how old you are, you will find something of interest here. Parents...do yourself a favor and bring the family to the Robotics Triple Threat exhibition at the Perot Museum...you just don't know what your little one can do!

Article and photos by Cy Davison E.P. c/o (Beyond Reach Media)

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