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"Panic 5 Bravo": Would you answer the call?

Kuno Becker, a Mexican actor recently seen on "Dallas" and "CSI: Miami", stopped by on his way through Dallas to promote his directing/writing debut "Panic 5 Bravo". It is a thriller based on a parametics team stationed on the border of Arizona and Mexico, when met with a "5 Bravo" over the radio, quickly turning into a fight for their lives as they illegaly cross the border to answer the call.

In all, the film has promise. It reminded me of the movie "Buried", where the parametics are trapped in an ambulance for most of the film, struggling not only to survive against the mafia but also among themselves. In retrospect, it is an excellent effort by Kuno especially faced with an ultra small budget, new actors, and shooting the entire film within two weeks. But it still lacks something to be desired. For me it wasn't the pacing, nor some huge plot hole, but character developement was the needed key for this film to work... But it just wasn't there. You never find out about the backstory between these 4 parametics until the very end. Which upon arrival, had alot to do with the story then what the film portrays. Kuno did say "man, if I had the resources...I have some ideas that I think would really be cool". And I believe him. Hollywood today is so over saturated with reboots, redo's, and the same stories wrapped differently. For me, I would rather sit and watch a $100 budget film that was well excuted with a good story then to watch a multi-million dollar blockbuster that didnt take me anywhere.

Watch the interview to see what more Kuno had to say about the film and the experience he had making it.

"Panic 5 Bravo" was released in theaters this last friday (December 5th). I give this film 3/5.

Article by Cy Davison - Executive Producer.

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