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Reality star, Preachers of LA's Myesha Chaney talks Hiding Behind The Lipstick....

From the hit controversial show on Oxygen- Preachers of LA, Myesha Chaney hit the Big D to talk her new book Hiding Behind the Lipstick, Preachers of LA, the movement and so much more.

Tha AfterParty Studios held an intimate Q&A with the star as she dished on the struggles during much of her life forming from her dark skin and how she overcame them. She mentions that she was always “doing something” until she had to realize that she kept busy because she was always trying to prove a point to herself “that she was good at something.” She gave us the tea on how another reality show that she was on before did the editing so horrible that it made it look like they (she has a very attractive loving husband Pastor Chaney) told their church congregation to do some very ill things. She expressed to us how she overcame the fear of singing and much more. We viewed past events of Hiding Behind the Lipstick (HBTL) is a confessional party let’s say. Women come together to pray, worship and confess about the things they have been holding on to in their lives in hopes of empowering each other. Afterwards she signed a few books and took pictures with the guests all while her songs were banging in the background. Dressed in a black top adorned with a pussy bow and pleated black skirt this woman is just who she seems to come across as. A confident woman, mother and wife who knows who she is and ain’t scared to show the world she loves the Lord (without all the holier than though spill).

If HBTL is ever in your city make sure you attend and listen to the stories of brave women from across the world share what has held them down and the testimony of how far

they’ve come.

Photo Credit (p.s.- Cy murdered this headshot! Ouch!): Beyond Reach Media

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