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Fashion X Dallas....Was it a hit or miss?? See for yourself....

Fashion X Dallas landed in the city at Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG) for its inaugural and highly anticipated run of fashion throughout the course of three days. With an amazing designer list of our favorite locals like Abi Ferrin, Binzario Couture, Nine Muses and a host of Project Runway stars such as Mychael Knight and Korto Momolu. Fashion freaks came to feast their eyes on just what Matt Swinney (founder of Austin Fashion Week) has up his sleeve and more so if he will deliver a production that will leave us wanting more. There was some good, there was some bad and there was some ugly. Well not really ugly but you know the saying! The VIP Lounge, was the spot to score! I concluded my weekend with some big hair spray from Pouf Dry Salon, Kendra Scott earrings and dry shampoo from Amika. With over 20 designers featured I decided to focus on my personal highlights from the extravaganza (had I not this post would be much longer)

Upstairs “The Gallery” showed talents of Brackish whose custom bow tie line showing a variety of feathers that are pressed so perfectly it looks just like the plumage from a bird. Definitely a favorite for my stylist buddy Courtney Walker of Edify Styling. Teysha Boots showcased a collection of boots with a palette of material accented on the sides which are definitely a must for this season, besides who doesn’t like fun on the feet?

Opening night began with the enchanting designs from Andre Yabin and Luis Nazario of Binzario Couture. These guys never let me down with their bridal and formal gowns that are so keen to the eye any woman would fall in love. I'm telling you, they sat the standard high for Fashion X Dallas on opening night.

Romas by Linda Rowe Thomas was a collection full of deep wine which I loved but I’ve seen the traditional and safe looks before so there was not much to rave about there. I did get hot and heavy about one black floor length gown that was draped in feathers. The highlight for this collection was when Ms. Thomas walked out for her finale, I said, “I have to meet this woman!” Noticing she was a burn victim she exuded confidence (and believe me it came across in her collection). It takes guts to participate in this fashion world and even more humility to penetrate a culture (of fashion that is) that is so gung –ho on what one would consider “beautiful”. After doing more research about this woman and her philanthropic work, she is one I would keep an eye out for.

Now, there is nothing sexier than a man (or woman) in a perfectly tailored suit. League of Rebels brought European tailored suits with patterns that brought energy so distinct it’s sure to draw in attention and the addition of beanie hats and Dr. Marten boots added spunk. Only the smart and confident dress here. After the show I met the crew and expressed my interest in some pieces for myself! Yes, I want a suit for myself and so do you!

Edo Popken brought color to men’s fashion on the runway! The Swiss international designer showcased a slew of limited edition dress shirts, blazers and pants for that bold man that wants to make a statement when they enter the room (is that you?). The collection mostly consisted of cobalt blue either in the jacket or tailored pants. The most striking piece for me was the blue and white pinstripe suit worn by my friend and actor Kenny Garder (looking good sir!)

The most unexpected fashion climax on opening night was presented through the designs of Mysterious by NPN. The young designer hails from Vietnam but currently resides in Houston, Tx. His intricate collection was influenced by traditional gowns from his country with a twist. The gowns- from short, to full length to sleek were breathtaking and the headpieces to match complete the look perfectly. The patchwork stitch design from his very own jacket was to die for!

Day 2 began with Red Paisleys who stays true to its Indian culture and I love it! With a hint of contemporary styles the models hit the runway in a collection full of embroidery, detail and shine! (I love all things shiny you know?) so this is no exception. The use of draping and accessories in this collection is what sets it apart from any other.

Nine Muses, my my myyyy my my my my (Johnny Gill voice) this was one of the most structured lines I’ve ever seen in my life! The blazer fit perfectly and the prints were amazing! I happen to have sat by Ms. Natasha (she constructed the printed textiles in the collection) and after the show I asked her thoughts and she was definitely pleased with the luxury brands presentation. This collection was definitely a crowd favorite and to top it off the dynamic duo, Jerry Matthews and Francesca Viamonte received the first ever Fund Award (too much surprise) for their work- a sewing machine sponsored and presented by Swiss company Bernina.

Thirteen year old Isabella Rose Taylor brought her skateboard spunk to the runway with her juniors collection. Setting the scene for her presentation were a couple of guys who zoomed by us on a skateboards down the runway. We all looked around to see what was going to happen next and then a young girl hits the catwalk in black and white checkerboard vans and a cute skirt with matching top adorned in fringes that added flare to hip look. The former New York Fashion week presenter has a line that is great for the “teeny bopper” age. (I feel there is a lack in the transition)

Ese Azenabor, my girl! She is a local favorite and everyone is in suspense as to what she is going to do next. Her hand beading work is exceptional! This year she decided to stick with nudes and whites for her collection filled with pantsuits, short dresses and long gowns sure to stand out! If you want to turn heads, you need to be in one of her signature pieces. Yup! I’ll be snagging a fit or two, or three.

Saturday was the night we had all anticipated. The “Project Runway” night (coined by attendees). I sat by Chef Martita and she is a hot tamale so when Project Runway’s Jeffrey Sebelia of LaMinitura popped on the wall she was tuned in. After I laid my eyes on the cute little man with sleek hair sporting a vest, polo and stripped pants I was drawn in myself. I appreciate him making a collection for children (of fashionable sense of course) where the pieces are childish but stylist (ya'll like that huh?). The line consisted on stripped bottoms for the little man in your life and floral prints for that remarkable little girl that you have.

Anthony Ryan Auld - (Who's a ball of fun btw) I was confused but intrigued (at the same time) by his collection. Confused because I’m like where would I wear this too but intrigued because it’s so different that you can’t help but to get captured in the style. During our interview he shared with me that his collection is telling the story of a woman who has went off to fight a war and comes back with a victory (right on) and after much deliberation with myself I finally realized that I can definitely sport the black sweat suit to my son’s football or basketball games and still look chic and feel comfortable. (Yes!)

Daniel Esquivel is a quirky odd personality (if you’ve followed him) and it comes across in his line (I say that with respect). I must say that I was surprised that I would find a few printed pieces (as his collection is for someone who takes risks with prints) that I was very fond of. The red plaid pants suits and dress is just what the doctor ordered for this holiday season.

Korto Momolu, a fan favorite on Project Runway never disappoints. Her collection of golds, blues and damask prints were sultry. Her pieces went from a night on a town to owning the town! (Ok, honey) Let’s talk about the dress that was really a pant suit or the low cut blouse paired with the gold foiled damask print shorts. Anyone else could have brought this out any better? To top it off the girls carried clutches and were adorned in jewelry from her line as well!

Mychael Knight, (another fan favorite from Project Runway) hailing from the A as in Atlanta sorta disappointed me. I mean, I enjoyed the structure and the story of the line but the skirts, OMGosh were they sheer. Detailed and fitting of course but sheer nonetheless so this left me with questions as to where would his woman wear something like this? Beach? In her honeymoon suite? To a nudist beach? Somebody answer me! Luckily, towards the end of the collection he made up for it by adding a more sporty look with vibrant colors such as neon pink, orange, yellow and blue. He shared with me that some of the material used was a vintage linen from London (maybe that is the reason the skirts didn’t get lined? Kanye shrung) and the the pop of color was what he feels his woman would wear if she wanted to be sporty but still sexy and chic at the same time (I can dig that). My favorite piece from his collection was the last, the white short and jacket set paired with the orange crop top, sexy!

All in all it was a great production (I’ve seen far worse, like that one show…nevermind) and most of the feedback was great about the overall event! My favorites did not disappoint and I’ve picked up a few new favorites along this 3 day journey. Swinney had some heavy hitters for the opening production so I’m interested to see who he will bring next. Of course, I’ll keep you updated and the interview with some of the designers will be up soon! I look forward to next year’s!!

Did you attend? More photos from the Xperience here, you just might find one of yourself!

Photo Credit Cy Davison of Beyond Reach Media

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