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Author, Dr. Lawana Gladney speaks about her fifth book "If You're in the Driver's Seat, Why Are You

"The next morning as the sun peered through the window and I awakened to consciousness, it took a minute to realize that I was in a big empty bed all alone. I looked around the room and saw the closet door open with empty wire hangers swaying ever so slightly from the air of the ceiling fan. A suffocating sense of anxiety came over me. After more than two decades of being married, I was suddenly alone; I was “lost” and needed help to find my way. As I lay there, thoughts and questions swirled in my head: Where do I go from here? What am I going to do now? How am I going to handle all the bills by myself? Who’s going to fix the toilet when it leaks? Who’s going to kill the creepy things? Who’s going to protect me? While these seemingly unanswerable questions bombarded me, another little voice reminded me, Hey, I am the Emotional Wellness doctor, and I help others find their way. I usually have the answers to everyone else’s problems. Surely, I can handle my own. Well, that all sounds good in theory.

Although I was a strong, independent, smart, and tenacious woman, I was still lost. Even the most sophisticated map was not going to work at a time like this—how could I plow ahead when I had no idea where I was going? I needed to get to the nearest rest stop and park so that I could regroup and reroute my direction (once I figured out my destination). Over the next few months, as my husband and I finalized our divorce, I was forced to redefine who I was; reevaluate my priorities; undo and redo my life’s goals; reevaluate the past; reorganize the present; and replan for the future. Because I never imagined myself in this place, I found myself grieving the loss of dreams, dealing with a gamut of emotions, and learning how to trust myself all over again. It was a watershed moment in my life, and it made me all the more empathetic to my clients and others who have felt like they were on the right path only to be blindsided and sent dramatically off-course."

– “If You’re In The Driver’s Seat, Why Are You Lost?”

Last week I had the opportunity to have a one on one with Dr. Lawana Gladney to discuss her fifth book “If you’re in the driver’s seat, why are you lost? Whoa, that’s a powerful statement and our interview was just as powerful.

Dr. Gladney is a renowned speaker, author, and emotional wellness doctor who has traveled the world presenting speeches and training session to top companies such as AT&T, Pitney Bowes, U.S. Department of Defense and so many others. She’s delivered tips on Fox 4, Michael Baisden’s 72 city syndicated radio show and much more. Click the play button to indulge in our conversation about making an “amazing life”.

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