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The Perot Museum partners with National Geographic!!

The Perot Museum is quickly becoming one of my favorite “Mommy Spots”. By that I mean it's a great place for the children to get their minds stimulated but also a great place for us Mom’s to enjoy as well. I can admit that it makes me happy when I see my kids basking in science and geography.

The crew over at the Perot Museum invited me out to a special screening of their summer film lineups at the Museum’s Hoglund Foundation Theater partnering with National Geographic (one of my favorite educational programs) featuring full-length screenings of Pandas: The Journey Home 3D, presented by National Geographic; Flight of the Butterflies 3D; and Dinosaurs: Giants of the Patagonia 3D on the 4k digital projection screen. It’s so cool that the Perot Museum is the first museum in Texas to officially partner with National Geographic (whoa, way to do it BIG in Texas guys!!)

Now, moving on to the films….when I say this was a true 3D experience that is exactly what I mean. Pandas: The Journey Home 3D is really interesting, I found myself learning new facts about pandas like they weigh a mere 8 ounces when they are born! Dude, who would have known? The film takes you to China and gives you an inside look at the breeding, birthing and teaching of panda cubs. How cool would it be to play with a panda at school like the kids in the picture?

Flight of the Butterflies 3D takes you on a familial adventure from the viewpoint of a monarch butterfly and their reproduction. During this film I felt that I was in a garden of butterflies and I mean, who can’t be happy in a garden of butterflies?

Dinosaurs: Giants of the Patagonia 3D is a must see for any child that loves dinosaurs. The adventure takes you on a journey to the life and time of dinosaurs and an education about uncommon species.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs (ok, no animals) get your tickets now to experience these wonderful 3D films! I guarantee this will be your best 3D experience EVER!

For more information visit http://www.perotmuseum.org/

Photo Credit: Yang Dan (Director Zhang, head of the breeding programme at Wolong, and keeper Merry, with a baby panda on a visit to a local school near Wolong panda centre.)

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