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Bree Moore presents.... fashion benefiting Children's Medical Center Dallas

I talk about this often with my friends and we both agree that student designers and fashion shows are usually the most creative so you could imagine my excitement when I was invited to be a VIP guest to fashion merchandising student Bree Moore’s FASHION, MUSIC, & ART… fashion show benefiting Children’s Medical Center Dallas “In Remembrance of Ne’Sya Castleberry” held at the swanky Aloft Hotel.

From the unique vendors consisting of handmade jewelry to hand painted arts to the milieu of the venue based in white, the crowd was smiling from ear to ear and you could see the interest in each guest’s eyes once they laid them on the custom pieces hitting the runway. I had a chance to ask Ms. Bree Moore a few questions about her website BreeMoore.com- check out what she had to say below.

Tell us about BreeMoore.com? BreeMoore.com was originally generated for INDIVIDUALS who are ambitious, talented and determined to succeed in the fashion, art, or music industry. BreeMoore.com is also a digital portfolio of my work which includes, styling for fashion shows, internships, recreating pieces from consignment shops, etc.

Why did you decide to fuse fashion, music and arts together?

I decided to fuse fashion, music, and art together because I have always loved all three. My passion is fashion, of course. I love the fact I can bring fashion and art together by sketching designs or simply being creative with a pair of used shoes or clothing. While, I am being creative and recreating things, I listen to all types of music.

Your recently did an event....what was the purpose behind it?

I'd decided to raise money for the families that work so hard to support disabled children. I just recently lost an eleven year old cousin, Ne'Sya Castleberry, with a disability and she was faithful patient of Children's Medical Center-Dallas. The "Bree Moore Presents...Fashion Show" had a deeper meaning than my love for fashion. I wanted to pay respect to my cousin for being such a fighter and uplift my family during a troubled time. I am so grateful Children's Medical Center-Dallas allowed me to do just that plus more. I am happy to announce we were able to raise $1000 to give back to Children's Medical Center-Dallas in the remembrance of Ne'Sya Castleberry.

What's next for you?

I am planning to visit Berlin, again, this July for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-Berlin. I will be the costume designer for the up and coming play, Fully Committed, this fall at Amphibian Stage Productions.

How can we keep up with what you have going on?

I will be creating a BLOG soon. My website is also another way to stay connected. Please follow me on instagram, @mooreofbree

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