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Scavenger Hunts invade Deep Ellum!!

The crew over at Culture Hype sent me an invitation to this neat scavenger hunt themed race held in DEEP ELLUM (only one of my favorite areas in the city because it’s full of creations and art) to benefit community center LIFE IN DEEP ELLUM. After reading there would be a scavenger hunt (I love the challenge of a good hunt) and a block party for the area I knew I had to be there.

The Deep Ellum Urban Race and Block Party is a creative scavenger hunt and block party that helps raise funds to renovate the Mokah Coffee Bar and the cultural center Life in Deep Ellum. The Urban Race began at 9 a.m. where teams worked together to complete tasks such as mural painting, crafting instruments and solving brain teasers that celebrate the unique nature of the cultural hub. After the race was the free Block Party with the jammin’ DJ, local food trucks, local vendors, games, hand crafted beer and a silent auction that included BIG TEX’s shin (yes, you read that right, his shin!) It was indeed a great family event!

Co-Executive Director Joel Triska sees the Mokah Coffee Bar revitalization as a way to better connect people to their community.

All proceeds from the Deep Ellum Urban Race and Block Party went towards renovating Life in Deep Ellum and Mokah Coffee Bar to make it a better space for the community to gather. It’s not too late to donate!

Lounge Shows regularly occur on Thursday and Friday nights, along with frequent night events. For more information about Mokah Coffee Bar, donating and upcoming events, please visit http://www.lifeindeepellum.com/

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