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Disney's Beauty and the Beast is here!!

We all know and love the “tale as old as time” Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The French love story of a young woman named Belle and a prince who was transformed into a beast as punishment. The Beast must earn her love to become human again before it’s too late. Well yup! You guessed it! The Lexus Broadway Series is here in Dallas at the Winspear Opera House until April 27th!

It’s amazing how actress Hilary Maiberger captures the essence of Belle and sounds exactly like the Disney character we know from the 1991 film. I really enjoyed Gaston played by Tim Rogan (the biceps) and performers who made the Gaston song foot tapping fun especially when they brought out the metal mugs in a synchronized dance.

“Be our guest” was by far my favorite scene. (Is it bad that I know the song word for word? I had no shame in singing along either). I wondered if that song/performance on stage would live up to the performance on the screen and it is wayyyyy more entertaining to see live! The stage setting, off the grid amazing and PINK!

Lastly I was impressed with the levitating Beast that transforms right before your eyes (how in the world do you guys do that?)

You only have a few days left to catch this classic tale onstage! Get your Beauty and the Beast tickets pronto!

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