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A Sit Down with Actor: Tye Sheridan!

Actor Tye Sheridan was here in Dallas speaking about his new film that drops April 10th titled JOE! He’s mostly known for his role as Steve in the film “Tree of Life” starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn and he played Ellis in the movie “MUD” alongside Matthew McConaughey. In JOE, which was filmed in Texas, Sheridan plays Gary, a 15 year old young man who’s trying to make a good living and better life for his family who’s nearly homeless and being led by his alcoholic dad. He meets and begins to work for ex-convict Joe, played by Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage who has a violent past. The two build a relationship and Joe notices a drive in Gary that he is all too familiar with.

For his role in JOE Tye received the Marcello Mastroianni Award for best upcoming young actor at 70th Venice International Film Festival so as you can see this young man from Elkhart, TX is on his way to be a heavy hitter on the silver screen.

The film overall was pretty intense. It was a relief to see one of my favorites, Nicholas Cage beefed up as an ex-convict with a fast temper (I haven’t seen the mean guy portrayal from him in years it seems). There are times in the film that you are rolling with laughs (I laughed so hard at one scene I cried and had to pull out a paper fan). Mostly because I can relate to some of the characters in the film and have seen a few of the conversations take place in real life.

I personally feel the film was outstanding, I enjoyed the characters and how real the storyline is. Tye Sheridan get two thumbs up for his portrayal in the film. I can’t wait to see his next project and (those lips).

For more information on the film visit: http://joefilm.net/

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