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"The Awakening"- A Fashion Opera

What’s your Equation of Beauty? I had the pleasure of attending an inspiring yet enlightening stage production, and let’s just say it would behoove anyone to check out the thought provoking presentation. “The Awakening” was written and directed by Antonio Wingfield, who also stars as the character Karma who’s a pivotal voice of wisdom and reasoning throughout the play; the show is produced by Darnell Sanders. Together Wingfield and Sanders formed AFA Productions which lead to the multifaceted venture The Fashion Opera which combines fashion presentation and storytelling.

That fact alone is enough motivation to support these two progressive trailblazing men who are serving the community a silver spoon of reality, fantasy, truth, and empowerment with an authentically beautiful presentation. What stood out the most to me in “The Awakening,” was the delivery of such a powerful message enhanced by beautiful clothing and actual solutions for audience members to follow in order to reach the next level of self- love, self-preservation, and accountability as a COLLECTIVE community. All generations are challenged to connect the historical dots in order to create a true revolution in the black community. Hence, a community that flourishes without following a false illusion founded on white supremacist standards that are destined for failure if we do not WAKE UP. The character Karma reminds us to not be an exception to the core of our existence.

Here are a few audience member reviews:

Porchea “The Awakening was an amazing eye opener and I will definitely be back!”

Kalninbay of Arlington, says she was “speechless this is a great move and I’m very happy to have seen “The Awakening ,” I can’t wait to tell people to come and see it because the message is there .We must all wake up and join the movement!”

Nina & Angie Martinez “Awesome and moving experience for the black community, it’s important to come back to the roots and keep it going."

Valentine W. “A lovely show with a very strong message that should be heard by ALL!!”

I asked Antonio Wingfield, how did working in the fashion industry inspire you? He responded by saying that in his journey as a designer in the fashion industry he discovered that fashion was just that deep and he loves the beauty and creativity of it all. But within the actual fashion industry things can get ugly there’s an hierarchy of elitism, labels, politics, and you are most definitely being judged by what you wear so why not express your authentic self through clothing and build your own doors to knock down instead of shrinking yourself to someone else’s perception and equation of beauty.

The next showing of “The Awakening” will be Sunday, April 13, 2014 at The Majestic Theatre in Dallas, TX. Purchase tickets here: http://www.thefashionopera.com/purchase-tickets.html

Written by: Leonard Fortner

(Photoed from l to r) BeBe Lawrence, Leonard Fortner and Mildred Lawrence

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