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The Pin Show 2014!!!!

The Pin Show is the most prestigious independent runway show in Dallas with over 20 designers featured each year. Winner of 2012 & 2013 “Dallas Observer Best Fashion Show Award” there’s no wonder why it gets the best reviews from Dallasites. Once you walk into the venue you know there has been a vast amount of time and detail put into the fashion production just by the setup of the industrial venue “The Good Year Plant”. A little pop up shop with designers Marek+Richard who were featured in the show, colored lighted bar area, Stila Cosmetics set up an area to add a little fabulousness to your face and the projections of art blasted on each wall made for a good ol’ upbeat fashionable ambiance.

Everyone that attends the Pin Show comes to see what’s new and fresh from these emerging designers and believe me there are high expectations. This is the show where the bar is set and if you’re a designer it’s a big, no HUGE A+ in the Dallas market if you hit it.

Favorites from the show include c.h.r.o.m.a showcasing a collection stamped with the color Tangerine on each piece. Hardly Alice who took us to a mysterious wonderland with her lace gloves and stockings with pearls and hearts attached in a 3D effect. Folksie by Julie McCullough (who just happens to be the executive producder/founder of The Pin Show) with women and men’s wear that looked comfortable and stylish enough for a day on the town that will draw anyone’s attention. Rochelle Rodriguez who brought us to an elegant scene with flowing gowns that would make any girl feel like Kate Middleton attending the Grand Ball. Le’Venity, who closed the show by cranking us up a little bit with an upbeat 90s hit “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs which paired well with his gladiator themed collection of trousers, coats and sweaters. And what a great way to end the show!

Oh wait, did I mention a proposal? Yes, at the end of the Sandbarri collection presentation, designer Aldo Sandoval asked for co-designer Annie Barrientos hand in marriage and she said YES! Any other fashion show topping that???

For information on The Pin Show visit: www.thepinshow.com

Photos available at www.Facebook.com/TheVannaCollinsShow

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